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Receive Album Art Postcard + Signed Personal Thank You from Dominic Mancuso + Digital Download Only of New Album  - "DANCES IN MY MIND"  + 2  Bonus Tracks




Juno Award winner, Dominic Mancuso, celebrates his 20 years of making timeless records and his symbiotic relationship with Italy by collaborating with Italian renowned pianist-arranger, Vittorio Mezza.


The new release, Dances In My Mind, embodies their relationship. Both sons of The Kingdom of The Two Sicilies; a land to which they nurture an imperishable love, but which at the same time sees them delineate ways of life distant from those origins, only to discover each other in Canada. Collaboration has always intrigued Mancuso, fueling his artistic vision and this project continues in his tradition.


Pushing Dominic Mancuso Group and the chamber ensemble towards a soulful blend of singer-songwriter meets classical and jazz - Dances In My Mind is rich and cinematic in scope.

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