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20 years in 2020 Juno Award winner, Dominic  Mancuso, celebrates his 20 years of making timeless records and his symbiotic relationship with Italy by collaborating with Italian renowned pianist-arranger, Vittorio Mezza. Utilizing expanded forms, re-harmonizations, and subtle meter changes with different feels and world grooves, they pushed the Dominic Mancuso Group and the chamber ensemble towards a soulful blend of singer-songwriter meets classical and jazz. Rich and cinematic in scope, the end result is clearly an adult contemporary body of work. 

"This is a performance for the ages, one that bodes well for whatever new music is to come from the extraordinary mind - and vocalastics - of Mr. Mancuso"

                                                                                    -Raul Da Gama

                                                                                     That Canadian Magazine

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Arranged by Vittorio Mezza Produced by Dominic Mancuso  DMG is: Chendy Leon (drums & percussion) Paco Luviano (bass) Tony Zorzi (guitars) Jerry Caringi (B3 organ, accordion & vocals 2,3)  John Johnson (saxes & bass clarinet) Dominic Mancuso (vocals) Special Guest Vittorio Mezza (piano, celeste & rhodes) String Quartet Drew Jurecka (violin) Rebekah Wolkstein (violin) Claudio Vena (viola) & Lydia Munchinsky (cello) Guests Kevin Turcotte (trumpet) Michael Davidson (marimba & vibes) George Koller (contrabasso track 4) Quisha Wint (Vocals 2,3,4,5,7) Sam Mellace & Mark Schiavello (Vocals 3) Recorded live: all strings, drums, bass, piano, rhodes, B3 organ & saxes by Jeremy Darby & Julian Decorte at Canterbury Music Co., Toronto. Overdubs of vocals, percussion, guitars, bass clarinet & accordion were recorded by Dominic Mancuso at dot studios in Richmond Hill. Mixed by Vic Florencia at Concrete Jungle Studios Mastered by Joao Carvalho at Joao Carvalho Mastering  Cover Art Vince Mancuso Design dot productions


Internationally Acclaimed

Sub Urban Gypsy 2014

“Dominic Mancuso has made me shed tears from the sheer beauty and emotions of his voice. He brings a joy to sorrow and a light to darkness. Sub Urban Gypsy is a beautiful recording with great arrangements and the best of the best, in regards to the musicians. Hurry up and record again!”

~Jeff Coffin, 3x Grammy Award Winner

“ Sub Urban Gypsy is passionate and breathtaking in scope. As good as the vocals are it is hard to separate them from the music. The Dominic Mancuso Group brings accuracy and tonal refinement with a wide range of sonorities. This recording is utterly contemporary and all of this confirms a growing reputation. “                          

~ Raul da Gama, World Music Report 

Dominic Mancuso: lead vocals and guitars; Tony Zorzi: guitars; Paco Luviano: acoustic and electric basses; Jerry Caringi: Hammond B3 organ, accordion and vocals; Chendy León: percussion and vocals; Kevin Turcotte: trumpet(1&2) Yvette Tollar: vocals (1, 7); John Johnson sax& clarinet (3,5,6) Maryem Tollar: French and Arabic vocals(3) Jabu Morales: Brasilian spoken word and background vocals (3); Gord Myers: trombone (2) Robi Botos: electric piano & melodica (4, 11), melodica (4); Rob Gusevs: electric piano (5,) and synth pads (4); Kevin Adamson: background vocals (5); Rique Franks: background vocals (5); Hugh Marsh: electric violin(7,8,9) Angela Mancuso: Italian spoken word (9).

Juno & CFMA

"World Music Album of the Year"


Comfortably Mine 2010

“Dominic Mancuso is one of the most distinctive voices in music. He is a paramount storyteller;a premier Sicilian griot of these times. He wails with the best. He cries the blues from the depths of his soul — bringing great measures of duende to the music. His Juno record Comfortably Mine is a rare album indeed, quite simply one ofkind"                                     

 ~Raul da Gama, All That Jazz

“His group is a perfect example of the world savvy musical product Canadian multiculturalism is producing. I had to introduce Dominic’s infectious global sound to Italy and my colleagues at the Universities of Bologna, Turin and Naples.”                                

 ~Dr. Elena Lamberti, University of Bologna

Dominic Mancuso: all vocals and guitars(2,3,4,5,6,8,10); Kevin Adamson: Co -Producer and multi instrumentalist - bass, percussion and organ (1,2,3,8,10); Tony Zorzi: guitars, mandolins, banjitar (1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,11); George Koller acoustic and electric basses(1,3,8,9,11) Louis Simao: Acoustic bass /accordion and percussion(6,10); Armando Borg: percussion (2,3,8) Mark Kelso drums (10,11); Paul Paolini snare drum(4); Ernie Tollar Ney flute (7);  Rick Lazar doumbek (7); Venus. spoken word (7)

Solo Debut

Calling Out 2000

"Dominic's music transcends cultures and borders. His lyrics awken the deepest feelings and thoughts of the human experience. Surrender your hearts and indulge  your senses."   

~Levon Ichkhanian, International Guitarist & Co-Producer of Calling Out

“Mancuso’s Culture Race, off his debut CD, is one of the most important songs to come out of Canada in a decade. Standing there with the best songs by Claude Dubois, Bruce Cockburn and Jean-Pierre Ferland, Dominic Mancuso has been given the gift of beautiful inventions."                    

~Antonio D’Alfonso, writer/publisher, Guernica Publishing

Dominic Mancuso: all vocals and guitars(1-10); Levon Ichkhanian: co-producer, elec.and act. guitars (1,2,5-10); George Koller acoustic and electric basses(1,3,8,9,11); Hugh Marsh: electric violin (1,6,9,10) Wilson Laurencin drums (1,2,6,7,9,10); Matt Horner : keyboards (1,2,6,7,9)   Ernie Tollar ney flute & sax ( 2,7,9);  Rick Lazar percussion (1,2,7,9 ); Georgio Civello piano (7); Giuliano Baglioni ambient guitar (4); John Acosta & Carlo Coppola background vocals (2).

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